Do you know where your teen driver is?

Do you want to know how well they drove to get there?

September 2010 has seen a development to help parent monitor their teenager's driving.

Lemur Vehicle Monitors is a Newfoundland-based engineering firm. They have launched a tool that helps parents to monitor erratic and dangerous driving by their teens. 'SafeDriver,' is a device that records the top speed, distance travelled and the number of hard brakes per trip.

Insurance companies have found that the newer and/or younger drivers have a 41% higher chance of a car crash then an experienced driver. These crashes are usually 44% more severe. This means that the chance of your child being injured is that much higher as well.

'SafeDriver' is a key fob and a sensor. You plug the sensor into the vehicle's diagnostic port. this is the spot the mechanic uses when he wants to read a 'check engine light'.

The unit works by the sensor giving information to the vehicle's computer and transmitting it to the key fob.

To discourage tampering the fob is PIN-protected. If the driver tries to unplug the sensor, remove the battery or figure out the PIN code then the display will show "Tamper".