Suspended drivers on our roads

How many suspended drivers are behind the wheel?

You have had your license taken away. You cannot drive for a stated period of time - this is a suspended license. Do you get behind the wheel?

If you do drive while suspended then your insurance is not valid. If you have an accident there will not be be coverage to repair your vehicle. Worse yet, you will not have the financial coverage for the injury you may do to others. This is not socially acceptable behaviour.

How bad is it? CBC News cameras had a show February 1st showing suspended drivers leaving the courtroom and getting into their vehicles and driving away. These are often repeat offenders.

Ontario has the highest number of suspended drivers with 266,698 in the province. The estimate is that 75% of these people are still driving while under suspension. All provinces have this problem to some degree.

Something has to be done to make sure that these people are not driving until qualified. British Columbia has expanded a program that recognizes license plates that have been flagged.

Ontario introduced a electronic verification system, developed by the province and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) that will provide on-the-spot confirmation of valid insurance coverage during the license plate renewal process.

In Ontario it is required that all vehicles to have valid insurance coverage. It is usual for drivers to provide proof of valid insurance when renewing their driver’s license plates.

Ontario fines for driving without insurance up to $25,000 for a first offense and a fine of up to $50,000 for a second offense, with the possibility of a driver’s license suspension for up to one year.

This is further reason to always drive defensively. You do not know if that vehicle beside you has a qualified driver! Be sure to confirm that you have adequate SEF 44 family protection endorsement coverage for the potential injury you may suffer if you "run into" one of these irresponsible people behind the wheel!