Storefront Glass

Storefront glass is part of the coverage you need to consider when purchasing business insurance.

If you own your building or if your lease puts responsibility on your shoulders for repairs to storefront glass then you need to check the insurance you have purchased.

There can be a limited amount applied to this particular coverage. There can be a higher deductible in case there is a claim. Your process is then to know how much it will cost and how readily available is new storefront glass.

If you are going to lose business because you have to board up your windows then you should have some form of business interruption insurance.

Be sure to include any lettering that is included in the glass when you are pricing out your replacement cost. Some of the glass has some high tech components, be sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Here is another opportunity for you to take some control over your insurance. Talk to your agent or broker about what options are available to you.