Specified Perils

The perils listed below are usual to homeowner basic policy coverage.

1. Fire or Lightning.

2. Explosion.

3. Smoke.

4. Falling Object.

5. Impact by Aircraft or Land vehicle.

6. Riot.

7. Vandalism and Malicious Acts - there are limits to this coverage. For an act to be considered malicious it does not have to be destructive but it can result in expenses to restore the property. An act of vandalism has to be deliberate or ignorant and results in the property being destroyed. There is no coverage if the dwelling is under construction or vacant. There is no coverage if you caused the damage or if it is because of attempted theft or theft. Theft is defined under #12.

8. Water Damage - This has to be caused by escape of water from a water main or the accidental and sudden escape of water or steam from your plumbing, air conditioning, heat sprinkler or domestic appliance inside your building. Also covered is the damage from a domestic appliance (lawn sprinkler) outside your building unless it is caused by freezing. If caused by freezing then it would not be insured. Also one of these listed perils causes a hole in the house then the water damage resulting is insured. Seepage or repeated leakage are not insured. It is best to talk to your agent or broker. Most will advise you to proceed with a claim and then it will be determined if your damage will be paid for under insurance.

9. Windstorm or Hail - This is for damage to your dwelling and your personal property as a result of hail, windstorm or coincidental rain damage. If the hail is big enough to punch a hole and let in rain then the damage will be covered.

10. Glass Breakage - The exterior glass of your home , interior doors, glass building blocks and tiles, is insured for accidental breakage. This does not include your glass ornaments or figurines.

11. Transportation - if your contents are in an automobile or trailer and there is loss or damage due to an accident such as collision, overturn, derailment, upset, stranding or sinking. So if there is a collision or upset you could claim for the property being transported by a mover. This would not include breakage or lost property.

12. Theft, Including Damage Caused by Attempted Theft - When someone steals your property or damages your property during the attempt. If this is a rented dwelling and it is your tenant, his family or employee that steals from you then you cannot claim the loss. The animals, birds or fish in a dwelling are not included. If the home is under construction then the property inside is not insured for theft. If the theft is because of a bad cheque or failure to make payment it is not covered.

13. Electricity - If there is damage caused suddenly and accidentally from artificially generated electrical current then this is covered. This would be a power surge or brown out which can cause damage to your wiring.

For your vehicle insurance the Specified Perils include:

  1. Fire and lightning.
  2. Theft or attempt thereat.
  3. Windstorm.
  4. Earthquake.
  5. Hail.
  6. Explosion.
  7. Riot or Civil commotion.
  8. Falling or forced landing of aircraft or parts thereof.
  9. Rising water or the stranding,sinking, burning, derailment or collision of any conveyance in or upon which the automobile is being transported on land or water.

Check with your broker or agent as to what coverage you have and carefully consider what coverage you need.