Social media helps claim investigation

Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, ExperiencePlus and Twitter are all excellent sources for an insurance investigator.

Insurance fraud is a major concern not only for the insurance companies but it is a criminal offense. When a person places a claim and it is investigated there can be surveillance involved.

Some of the surveillance methods can be watching you from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night. A trained investigator can be checking out your gym, workplace, favorite restaurant and even observe you going to and from church on Sunday!

One of the biggest tools used now is social media. The investigation firms employ computer experts who spend all day searching for information you have left about yourself while on the Internet.

It always surprises me to see people leaving derogatory comments about their workplace or boss on their Facebook page. Consider the implications if you are declaring that you are seriously injured and yet post pictures of yourself dancing the night away.

When injury claims are filed it is usual to start with social network investigations. This can help lead the surveillance to where the person can be observed doing their daily tasks that should reflect a physical disability.

Big brother can be watching you!