Snowmobile rules for Manitoba

Manitoba snowmobilers buy a Snopass through the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) agents across the province. The snowmobilers register their machines and buy the Snopass at the same time. this is a change from when the snowmobiler had to go to a vendor to buy the Snopass and then to the insurance agent to do the registration.

Manitoba charges $105 up to December 15th which includes a sticker that must be displayed on the licence plate of the snowmobile. From December 16th on the cost is $135. You can buy a short-term seven day Snopass for $60. Effective January 1st 2010 the fine for driving on a designated trail without a Snopass will increase to $448.50 from $278.

The money raised from the sale of Snopasses goes directly to Snowmobilers of Manitoba Inc. (Snoman). The money is used to groom trails and further enhance recreational snowmobiling in Manitoba.

There is a warning from the Manitoba Floodway Authority in regards to the construction activity and think ice on the low-flow channel. So the entire length of the floodway should be avoided.

Snowmobilers in Manitoba have approximately 12,000 kilometres of groomed trails on Crown and private lands. These trails are maintained by Snoman. For updates on trail conditions check out Snoman’s website.

When riding in the provincial parks snowmobilers need to observe the speed limit and watch for warning signs posted along hills and curves. Be prepared with the proper equipment and a well-maintained snow machines. This year will see more provincial natural resource officers and the RCMP traveling the trails to ensure compliance with all legislation and safe riding practices. Be aware it is an offense to drink and drive when operating a snowmobile.

Insurance Answer

You will be ticketed if you disobey the rules when snowmobiling. You will be fined if you do not have proper registration and a pass from Snopass. Why give yourself the grief? Make sure that you are properly insured, have your helmet with you and take the time to check out the website before you head out. There won't be problems if you have taken care of the basics!