Smoking driver gets fined

Now that's an expensive cigarette!

Where is it legal to smoke that cigarette? Not on the job in Ontario. A 48-year-old trucker received a $305 fine for smoking on the job. His job is driving a big rig.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act was invoked when the London, Ontario resident was driving along Highway 401. He was heading for Windsor and was caught smoking while driving.

This law forbids smoking in all workplaces and enclosed public spaces. This includes vehicles, buildings, or structures worked in or frequented by employees.

The workplace smoking law was enacted in 2006. In 2008 the province of Ontario amended the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit smoking in vehicles carrying children.

There is strong anti-tobacco laws in many Canadian provinces and territories, including the Maritimes, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec. Smoking is prohibited in covered public places and workplaces. Smokers have to step outside of the bar and restaurants if they wish to indulge their habit.