Smoke profits at university?

Universities in Canada - banning smoke sales?

There is heated discussion about whether or not to continue the sale of cigarettes, and to allow smoking on the university campus.

We all know that you don't have to be a smoker, to get smoke-induced lung cancer. This was established by the death of Heather Crowe in 2006. Crowe was a waitress who never smoked. Her occupation gave her enough exposure to cigarette smoke, to lead to her death.

As we know, most places prohibit smoking in public places. There has even been a move for prohibition at public outdoor locations. Nova Scotia now has 480 smoke-free outdoor venues.

We still see the universities allowing smoking outside. You can purchase cigarettes from the student union convenience stores. These stores make a nice little profit, from the sale of cigarettes.

Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary, is working towards making their campus smoke-free. They have a program entitled "Tobacco Free @ MRU". The idea is to support those who are trying to quit smoking, and help prevent students and staff from starting to smoke. The exposure to second-hand smoke is also an issue, so they hope to have a totally smoke-free campus.

I remember the pleasure I got from smoking. It was not because it was unpleasant that I smoked. Upon realizing that the only "pro" on my "pro and con" list for smoking was that I was addicted, it was a logical choice to quit. It took me a long time - over 30 years to make the decision.

The facts are, that we operate on a system that the majority rules. More people choose not to smoke. Once these groups of people gather together, then change occurs. The Legions no longer allow smoking indoors. You cannot smoke in a casino, unless it is on a reserve. Pool halls used to have a haze of smoke, but these days are long gone.

If the "smoke police" decide that smoking outdoors is unacceptable at the university, then soon we will see no smoking signs posted.

You can't argue with the fact that it is smelly, unhealthy and a rather expensive habit. You still have a right to smoke, but where you will smoke, becomes more and more limited. It will also cost you a lot more for life insurance, if you are a smoker.