Smoke damage is not always insured. An example is that smoke coming from a fireplace is not insured and claims would not be paid for this damage. The damage from sparks from that fireplace that burn the carpet are going to be covered.

Smoke damage that is covered by insurance has to be because of something like a stove being left on and a kettle boils dry. This accidental error will fill the house with smoke. A furnace that is faulty and smoke damages the house is insured.

Smoke damage has to be from the unusual, sudden and faulty operation of a cooking unit or heating unit in or on the premises. Remember, though that where there is smoke there is often fire. Fire is the most common coverage in insurance policies.

There is an ozone treatment that removes the smoke residue and the smell of the smoke from the home. It is relatively inexpensive.

If you have had smoke damage then call your agent or broker. Find out what coverage you have and then go from there.