Sewer Back Up

Exactly what is says. It is the backing up of water within your sewage system and the resulting damage to a home or business. This is not flood.

If it is your home then you could suffer damage to carpeting, walls, furniture and items sitting on the floor. Report the claim immediately to your agent, broker or directly to the insurance company. Even though the smell is nasty, do not throw damaged articles out. Store these items for inspection by the appraiser.

Depending on the nature of your business a sewer back up could cause an interruption to your business. It will be important that you deal with the repairs as quickly as possible. Do contact your insurance company immediately to report the claim. Do what you can to mitigate loss.

Some companies will not provide this coverage. Some will provide limited coverage i.e. $15,000 maximum, and some will provide full coverage for sewage back up. There can be also be higher deductibles on the policy for this specific claim. Check with your broker, agent or insurance company.