This commonly used endorsement is the permission to rent or lease endorsement. In general terms, this endorsement shall be effective only with respect to an automobile leased to the lessee by the Lessor.

Whereas an Application for Standard Automobile Policy S.A.F. No. (Owners Form) has been completed by the Lessee as applicant, permission is given to the Lessor for the automobile to be rented or leased to the Lessee.

The Insurer agrees to indemnify, in the same manner and to the same extent as if named herein as the Insured, the Lessee and every other person who with the Lessee’s consent personally drives the automobile.

The amount of insurance provided by the policy including this endorsement shall not exceed the limit and amounts specified in Item 4 of the policy application. There is no extra premium charged for this endorsement.

The endorsement must be shown if the vehicle insured has a lease. Permission must be obtained from the lessor to reduce coverage on this particular vehicle. This is the form generally used for lease periods in excess of 30 days.