SEF 39

This is an accident rating waiver endorsement. If you have an at fault accident then you will not be rated for the accident. This means that if you have to replace your vehicle due to extensive damage to your vehicle then the insurance company will not drop your driving record to reflect the accident. If your vehicle is repaired then you will not see an increase in your rates at renewal. This only applies for this at fault accident.

As with all insurance, there are some conditions and limitations. You cannot have a conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada in relation to the accident. An example would be an Impaired Driving Conviction. You also cannot have been convicted of certain offenses resulting in a ticket such as failing to report or failing to remain at the scene of the accident, passing in a school zone or playground zone, or careless driving.

This endorsement is specific to certain vehicles scheduled on the policy. If it does not appear on all the vehicles then it does not apply to all the vehicles.

Once this waiver has been used then you have to go for a period, usually six years, to gain back the ability to receive the endorsement again.

Talk to your agent or broker about what will happen when you have an at-fault accident. How will your premiums be affected? How long will this affect last? What options do you have?