SEF 37

SEF 37 is an endorsement that states there is a limitation of automobile sound and electronic communication equipment.

This endorsement limits the amount payable to $1,500 for other than factory installed automobile sound and electronic equipment caused by attempted theft or theft of its actual cash value (ACV) of automobile including its equipment, whichever is the lesser amount.

If you have installed a more expensive sound system in your vehicle then you need to notify your agent or broker. This system could become a target of thieves. If you have not amended the limit for your system on your auto policy then you will not be satisifed with the amount granted to replace the system after a loss.


Policy (Number)
In consideration of the premium charged under Section C of this policy, it is understood and agreed that, in the event of loss or damage to automobile sound and electronic communication equipment other than factory installed equipment caused by theft or attempted theft, the insurer shall not be liable for more than $1500 in total, the actual cash value of the equipment or the actual cash value of the automobile including its equipment, whichever is the lesser.

Sound and electronic communication equipment includes radios, tape players/decks, stereo players/decks, compact disc players, telephones, cellular telephones, CB radios, ham radios, televisions, facsimile machines, computers, and items of similar nature.

For the purpose of this endorsement factory installed equipment means sound and electronic communication equipment which was included in the original new purchase price of the automobile.

If more than one automobile is described under this policy, this endorsement shall apply only to the automobile(s) described as item number(s) of the schedule of automobiles attached to and forming part of this policy.

(Signature of Insured)
This endorsement shall be effective from (Date) , 12:01 A.M. Standard Time.
Except as otherwise provided in this endorsement, all limits, terms, conditions, provisions, definitions and exclusions of the policy shall have full force and effect.