SEF 27

Legal liability for damage to non-owned automobile. The endorsement extends the physical damage of the policy for the insured, the spouse of the insured, all drivers listed on the policy or all persons named if the insured is a business type entity. This covers the liability for loss of or damage to an automobile not owned or licensed in the name of the the policyholder but which is in the care, custody or control of the insured, the spouse or named person. This is often referred to as rental insurance.

There is usually a limitation of 30 days for this coverage but not all insurance policies are alike. Some insurance companies will extend coverage as an All Perils form or will define the deductible for Collision or Comprehensive.

If you did have a claim under public liability and property damage (PLPD) and the rental car liability was exhausted then your personal liability could be brought into play. Your personal liability policy is secondary to the primary coverage carried by the rental car company.

Talk to your broker or agent about what is the recommended amount of coverage for you to have on your vehicle.