SEF 20

SEF 20 endorsement is for the loss of use of your vehicle. There has to be a loss as a result of Section C claim covered by your insurance. So breakdown is not covered but theft of your vehicle would trigger the policy.

This endorsement will be used when there are expenses incurred in providing alternate transportation such as a rental. Each company has different limits. You need to consider how long it might take to get your vehicle appraised, parts ordered and the work completed. There can be significant delays when getting your vehicle repaired after a claim. This is a coverage that can be very useful if you do not have a "back up" vehicle. With the downturn in the economy we saw some of the auto dealerships close their doors. Many of these dealerships also did vehicle repair and bodywork.

This type of coverage can be packaged with other extensions of coverage such as emergency road service. Not all insurance companies charge a fee for this coverage - some will include a set amount at "no charge".

Be aware that not all insurance companies offer this rental coverage with commercial-use vehicles. This is a good topic to bring up with your agent or broker. Do you have this coverage? Are you paying for it? Is your limit adequate?