SEF 19 A

SEF 19A is a valued automobile endorsement used to provide the Section C coverage on a valued basis.

If you have agreed with the insurer (with or without providing an appraisal) that your vehicle is a certain value then this is the amount you will be paid in a total loss. This cannot be increased except by a new agreement between both parties.

You would more often see this endorsement used for high-end vehicles, antique cars or motorcycles.



1. In consideration of the premium(s) shown below but only in respect to the subsection(s) of Section C of the policy for which indemnity is provided, in the event of loss the Insurer agrees that the automobile (s) described below are valued at and insured for, subject to any applicable deductible clause, the amount shown:
(Declare the vehicle in full here with the year, make, vehicle identification number, and $ amount)

2. Where the loss involving an automobile specified in Clause 1 is a partial loss only, the Insurer’s liability is limited to the cost of repair but such cost shall not exceed the limit specified in Clause 1 with respect to the automobile.

3. If more than one automobile is insured under this policy and any such automobile is not insured on a valued basis under this endorsement, this endorsement shall have no application there to.

Except as otherwise provided in this endorsement, all limits, terms, conditions, Provisions, definitions and exclusions of the policy shall have full force and effect.

Attached to and forming part of Policy (number) of (insurance company name). Issued to (your name as policy holder).

This endorsement shall be effective from (date).