SEF 19

SEF 19 is a limitation of amount endorsement.

The policy insures up to the limit of actual cash value and this endorsement is necessary, where the insurance company wishes to provide cover only up to a specific amount. This does not mean that they will pay that exact amount. It is up to that amount.

This could apply to such specialty items as antique vehicles, motorcycles and trailers. Normally the policyholder will have to sign their agreement to the limitation of the payout.



It is hereby understood and agreed that the Insurer shall not be liable under section C of the policy to which this endorsement is attached for any amount in excess of the actual cash value at the time the loss or damage occurs or in excess of the amount of whichever is the lesser.

If more than one automobile is insured under this policy, this endorsement shall apply only to the automobile(s) described under item number of the schedule of automobiles attached to and forming part of this policy.
Being:(list the automobile(s) and amount(s) here)

Signature of Insured

Except as otherwise provided in this endorsement, all limits, terms, conditions, provisions, definitions and exclusions of the policy shall have full force and effect.

Attached to and forming part of Policy (number) of (insurance company name).
Issued to (your name).

This endorsement shall be effective from 12:01 A.M. Standard Time (date).