If you do not live full-time at a dwelling but are there at least once every 60 days then it is likely insured as a seasonal dwelling. This could include an A-frame, log house, mobile home or a standard detached dwelling. You need to discuss the limit on the building with your broker or agent as it is not likely to be granted guaranteed replacement cost. So be sure to have current reconstruction value. Your contents could be limited and you need to confirm if you have vandalism and sewer back up coverage.

Your business may be dependent on the time of the year. If you do landscaping alone then you do not operate during the winter months. If your work is snow removal then you would not be busy in the summer. Insurance companies tend to issue a policy for a seasonal business with a fully retained premium to prevent mid-term cancellation. The premium is based on a one year term and to allow a cancel party way through the year is not viewed favourably by the insurer.

A vehicle may be used seasonally. An example would be your motorhome. Some insurers will allow a seasonal lay-up and give you reduced rates at this time. Talk to your agent or broker as to what best suits your needs.