Sask. changing licenses

Licenses to change in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan drivers will move to a one-part driver's license beginning in 2011. At the current time, a driver in Saskatchewan has a photo card and separate paper certificate.

Saskatchewan is the last region in North America to go to the the one-part driver's license. The license will have some added security features to prevent change, or to deface the license.

The cost is estimated at $6 million. Drivers will have a choice of paying $25 a year for a five year license, or paying $100 at once for the same five years. The last time there was a change to the driver's license was in 2001, when the photo was included.

The insurance answer
In a time where bar coding has become the norm, it is only logical that Saskatchewan join the rest of North America in producing a driver's license, that is safe and secure. It should be useful to keep track of drivers, and help prevent the use of a driver's license for false identification. This also might help reduce some identity theft.