Santa Claus fell off the roof!

If Santa Claus fell off your roof would you be liable?

Canadians are concerned that Santa might not be as spry as he used to be. After all, he is getting older. The chance that he might lose his balance and have a fall increases every year. What is a Canadian's insurance liablility for injury to Santa Claus? After all, we are the closest to the North Pole. He usually comes here first.

Let's examine the evidence. Your child did write a letter to Santa asking for gifts. So Santa has an invitation to come to your home. Be aware that you assume liability for a person's safety when you invite them to your house. If you don't want the responsibility then tell your kids that Santa doesn't exist and quit sending him letters.

If you didn't invite Santa to your home then he might possibly be considered a trespasser. You don't have to keep a trespasser safe. There is a condition about not setting traps, so no snaring the reindeer!

We all know Santa doesn't come through the front door. He is going to land on that rooftop. Then he will be climbing down the chimney carrying his toys. It might be a good idea to get that chimney cleaned. We wouldn't want Santa getting stuck and who knows how many pounds he's put on this year!

If your roof was in bad shape with loose or rotting shingles then Santa could suffer a fall. So when you are putting up those Christmas lights you could be checking to make sure his landing spot is free of debris and possible hazards.

Speaking of putting up those lights, do you have a neighbour give you a hand? Do be careful not to injure your volunteer while you are climbing up and down ladders with great bundles of electrical cords and lights. If you are the one holding the ladder then pay attention! If you wander off and your helper falls off the ladder, you are liable for any injury.

Santa will be looking for his milk and cookies once he has completed his task of delivering the presents to your home. Make sure that milk is fresh and the cookies are not too sticky. It would not be a good thing if Santa had problems getting back in the sled due to an upset stomach. If his gloves are tacky from the gooey cookies you served then he might have trouble sorting out the lines for the reindeer. You wouldn't want him crashing into the house next-door!

Be sure to clean up the reindeer droppings first thing the next morning. The mailman or newspaper boy might slip and fall on your sidewalk if you leave things too long.

Take these ordinary precautions and the only suit you will see is the red one on Jolly Old Saint Nick.