Tips for teenage drivers

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has tips for parents to help teach their teenagers about safe driving. Statistics show that in B.C., 49,500 teenagers got their first license in 2008.

So what is the insurance answer to teenagers driving safely? Parents are advised to do the following:

  • Teach your children by your example. Your children are in the vehicle watching you and your driver attitude. What are you doing when you drive? Driving distracted can include eating, using your cell phone or even applying makeup. When you experience a difficult situation, how do you react?
  • Driver training is strongly recommended. Your child learns from you and a professional driving instructor. They will learn road safety and have classroom training as well as practical driving time. Driver training is a tax-deductible education expense, and can help with your insurance rates.
  • B.C. has a Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) which has restrictions on when your teenager can drive. This should be enforced on a family-level. You could set up a set of consequences, if your teenager breaks the rules.
  • Be sure that the vehicle your teenager is driving is suitable to a new driver. An automatic transmission is best for a learner.

Your insurance rates are going to change with a teenage driver in the household. It is important that you keep your file up-to-date with all drivers listed.