SEF 92

SEF 92 Limitation to Hired Automobiles and Automobiles Operated Under Contract Endorsement

SEF 92 changes the coverage under the SPF 6 - non-owned automobile policy. This is a form of commercial insurance.

This endorsement limits coverage to Hired Automobiles and Automobiles Operated under Contract, as defined in the policy. The endorsement deletes all coverage for an automobile operated by the insured's partners, officers, employees and agents.

It is important that you understand the implications of this endorsement. When you set up your policy with your agent or broker you likely discussed the fact that no automobiles were operated by your partners, officers, employees and/or agents. If that situation has changed then you need to change your insurance.

You need to take control of your insurance. Talk to your agent or broker. Ask questions. Get the help you need and if you cannot get the answers you want, then Ask. We are here to help.