SEF 81

SEF 81 Garage Family Protection Endorsement

SEF 81 is a commercial automobile change which affects the SPF 4 garage automobile policy wordings.

This endorsement gives insurance to each "eligible claimant" for the amount that each person is legally entitled to receive from an inadequately insured motorist (including the driver or owner of an uninsured vehicle or unidentified automobile) as compensatory damages in respect of bodily injury or death sustained by an insured person arising out of the use or operation of an automobile.

The insurer's maximum liability under this endorsement is the amount by which the Limit of Family Protection Coverage applicable to the endorsement exceeds the total of all motor vehicle liability insurance of the inadequately insured motorist and an other first loss insurance coverage available to the eligible claimants.

The following are "eligible claimants" while:

An occupant of an owned automobile:

  • The named insured if is an individual
  • All active partners and all full time employees of the described business and any person specified in an SEF 76 Additional Insured Endorsement if provided with an owned automobile for their regular use on a full time basis
  • If residing in the same dwelling premises, the spouse iof persons described above and any dependent relative of either

An occupant of any other automobile or while not the occupant of an automobile when struck by an automobile:

  • The named insured if an individual providing such individual does not lease an automobile for a period in excess of 30 days
  • All persons described in the situation above providing such persons do not own an automobile or lease an automobile for a period in excess of 30 days which is licensed in any Canadian jurisdiction where family protection coverage is available.

An example of this coverage is when you, the owner, is driving a company vehicle and you are t-boned by an impaired driver. This driver's insurance drops to the absolute minimal liability amount. You have suffered injury and seek payment for pain and suffering, long term care and other medical costs which exceed the accident benefits portion of your policy. Your insurance will respond to an award made in court but the amount you can collect is limited to the amount of your own liability coverage. Your insurance company pays you and then attempts to collect back the excess from the impaired driver.

This is a very important coverage and you should be considering the limit of your liability coverage. Talk to your agent or broker. Protect yourself and your employees. Control your insurance.