SEF 76

SEF 76 Additional Insured Endorsement

This is a change for use with the SPF No. 4 garage automobile policy.

This endorsement is used to add coverage to named persons who have been provided with automobiles that are excluded under Item 12(c) of General Provisions, Definitions adn Exclusions of SPF No.4 - standard garage automobile policy.

Item 12 (c) reads as follows:12. EXCLUDED AUTOMOBILES
The Insurer shall not be liable under this policy for loss, damage,injury or death arising from the ownership, use or operation of anyautomobile; (c) provided by the insured to any person for regular or frequent use, except an active partner or a full time employee of the business stated in Item 3 of the application, and provided that this exclusion does not apply while such person is using the automobile in the business stated in Item 3 of the application.

The insurance company will determine what extra rate to charge based on the driver and the vehicle details.