SEF 71

SEF 71 Excluding Owned Automobiles Endorsement

This is another amendment to the SPF 4 - garage automobile policy.

This change excludes all coverage for automobiles hired, owned or leased by the Insured (you) and will be applied to all garage risks other than Automobile Dealers.

So if you are a repair garage, a glass replacement shop or a detail shop then expect to see this noted on your policy.

An example of the wordings is as follows:

  • In consideration of the reduced premium for which this policy is issued, it is hereby understood and agreed that Sections A, B, C and D shall not apply to loss or damage arising from ownership, use or operation of any automobile owned, hired or leased by or licensed in the name of the insured.
  • Except as otherwise provided in this endorsement, all limits, terms, conditions, provisions, definitions and exclusions of the Policy shall have full force and effect.
  • Signature of the Insured _

If you have any questions about this endorsement then ask your agent or broker. It is important that you understand your insurance. You do not wish to have an unpleasant surprise and face financial consequences of not having insurance when you thought it was in place. Take control of your insurance.