Do you run a yellow light?

"Red means stop, green means go. Yellow means wait, even if you're late!"

What do you do when you see a yellow light? The rule for a yellow, or amber light is to stop. We know that the light is changing to red and that this is the correct thing to do. Of course, if you cannot stop safely then you must proceed.

It does seem to be a matter of choice to most drivers. Some drivers speed up as soon as they see a yellow light. This would be appropriate if you were driving a very heavy unit that took a while to stop. It seems too that the faster the speed limit is at an intersection the lower the chance is that the driver will slow down.

How often have you felt uncomfortable at a yellow light? You cannot totally clear the intersection before the light changes nor can you stop comfortably. No wonder there are so many car crashes at intersections!

Failure to obey the traffic signal is one of the most common mistake made resulting in serious or fatal injury. It is interesting to note that the faster your vehicle is compared to the car in front of you when the light turns yellow then the more likely you are to brake. I suspect it is more likely to prevent an at-fault rear end collision then a higher observance of the rules of the road.

You need to be aware all the time when you are driving. If you are looking well ahead and doing your scans on a regular basis then you will be less likely to find yourself in situation that you cannot control.

It's all about choice. Choose to be a safe driver. Use your common sense. Obey the rules of the road. The little kids know, so should you!