Have you cut back on staff?

Just about every business has seen cutbacks with the changes to the economy. What have you cut back on?

Putting off some of the capital expenditures for office equipment might seem practical but not at the cost of decreased accountability or reduced safety. An example would be a new program that reduces the chance of an error or omission. Consider the risk and try to cut what will have the least impact on increasing hazards.

Some companies have had to lay off staff or have lost some employees due to relocation or other factors. What has become the norm is not replacing these people. Now the remaining employees have to work harder to get the same job done. Will this mean that corners will be cut?

Cutting corners can mean a drop in the prior service standard. An example is that phone calls do not get returned as quickly and customers get frustrated. This can affect your retention and the bottom line.

If your staff is working harder to get the same job done then communication is important. These people need to know that their efforts are appreciated. If they get too frustrated then you could see them looking elsewhere for employment.

Short staffing also can result in a lack of proper training in certain procedures. When these procedures relate to your safety program and avoiding claims then you need to address this right away. There are online programs available that can be quite affordable. You will not have travel costs and the course may be available for more than one employee at a time.

It is a good time to review your risk management program with an eye to how things may have changed in the last year of two. What is an excellent program may no longer be workable due to changes in trained employees. Remember, 70% of accidents are caused by human error.