The retailer is the party that sells directly to the ultimate consumer.

The retailer is usually dealing one-on-one with the customer and so must be concerned about the premises being safe. The display areas need to be arranged to provide good air flow, traffic passage and allow any sprinkler systems installed to work effectively.

Since the retailer has the public on site it is important that after a claim there be provision for either quick relocation or emergency immediate repairs. A business that has established clients will see them go elsewhere if the usual needs cannot be met.

A retailer will often have storefront glass with lettering on it that can be quite expensive to replace. There could be a sign that lights at night and is subject to breakage or vandalism.

Each business has special needs. Talk to your adviser about what your expectations are for the current fiscal year and put together a plan that will suit your immediate needs. Be prepared to work with your adviser to be sure that your coverage stays up-to-date as this is in your best interest.