Rent is a regular payment by a tenant to a landlord for use of some property. It can also be the rent of equipment you need for your work.

You can purchase insurance to replace the rents that would have been paid if there is a claim such as a fire and you are the business owner. This is a type of business interruption.

A contractor who rents equipment to do his work can purchase insurance to pay for the rental of replacement equipment up to a certain limit. This works well if the equipment is readily available to rent. if not, there is no payment until the rental equipment actually is on site - it is not a form of business interruption.

When you rent a property it is wise to consider all the contents that could be lost or damaged in a claim. You should check your lease to see for what you are responsible. You may have to purchase separate items such as glass, sewer back up and tenant legal liability coverage.

There are rental agreements that can hold the landlord harmless from any claims involving the tenant. Read your contract carefully and be sure that you understand your risk.