Criminal record holder gets sued

Who holds the record for the most lawsuits? It is reputed to be Jonathan Lee Riches. Riches is in a Kentucky jail serving a sentence for wire fraud.

While in jail Riches has filed over 3,800 lawsuits with as many as four handwritten suits filed in one day. He calls himself "Lawsuit Zeus". He has sued a wide mix of people including George W. Bush, Lady Gaga, Nadya Suleman, and the makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto to name but a few.

He even tells a story that he was "hit on" by Stefani Germanotta while playing poker in Las Vegas. The resulting conversation included him using a phrase that he had on his poker face. Germanotta is supposed to have said that she would use "Poker Face" in a song one day. Yes, he sued.

Now it is Riches turn to be sued. The Federal prosecutors are fed up with all the frivolous filings and have taken steps to stop it. They filed a lawsuit asking the judge to stop Riches. Their suit is based on the need to have a screening of Riches mail to determine if the mail contains another frivolous lawsuit and to stop that mail.

It is a sad state of affairs that the process can be used in such a manner. This creates a lot of work and expense for everyone and results in delays for everyone else.