Reasonable Care

You have a claim. What responsibilities do you have? Part of the insurance answer is that in the aftermath of a loss, you are expected to take reasonable care to prevent further loss. You will note that insurance often uses the word "reasonable". Reasonable is what a prudent person would do in similar circumstances.

If you have suffered damage to your home then you would remove your belongings to prevent further damage. While this property is temporarily removed the insurance coverage would extend with the same coverage as it had at the home.

If there is water pouring out of the broken toilet bowl then it is reasonable that you would shut off the water to prevent further damage.

Be aware that if your house is on fire there is not an expectation that you run into a burning building to try and put it out. This could be life-threatening. It is reasonable to try and put out a small fire but you never enter a burning building. Call 911 and the fire department will help.