Rear End

If you are in a car accident and hit from behind then it is called a rear end accident. The vehicle that has hit you is generally deemed to be at fault.

There is a requirement that a driver leave enough distance between vehicles with an allowance to brake safely. So even if the person in front of you slams on their brakes unexpectedly you still need to be able to stop without hitting them. This can be a real challenge in rush hour traffic.

In an at fault system the damage to your vehicle will be paid by the third party insurance company. If the driver or passenger has been injured then this person often will sue for pain and suffering as well as lost work time. These types of claims are usually smaller amounts and often are settled out of court.

Rear end collision is often unexpected and as a result whiplash is a common injury. This is a soft tissue type injury. At this time there is an effort by the insurance companies to keep a "cap" on the limit paid out for this type of an injury beyond the Accident Benefit portion. Some provinces are examining the limits they have for Accident Benefits and are seeking to reduce that coverage as well. Alberta, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario are all amending some of the insurance rules in their provinces.

Your accident benefits will respond to with reimbursement fees and services including, but not limited to, a prescription for pain, physiotherapy, massage therapy and a neck brace. Each province or territory has its own rules and regulations regarding insurance claims.