Prostate cancer drug discovery

New drug will extend life of advanced prostate cancer patients

Vancouver, B.C. researches have developed a new cancer-fighting drug that targets prostate cancer. The drug is called OGX-ou and will help patients who have developed hormone-resistant prostate cancer. The average survival rate for this type of cancer is 17 - 20 months.

OGX-ou also is used to help create a response in patients who no longer respond to chemotherapy. There is a response when the chemotherapy is combined with the new drug.

The drug works by inhibiting the production of a gene protein called clusterin that protects cancer cells from treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The team, led by Dr. Martin Gleave, executive director of the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital was the first in the world to develop an anti-clusterin drug.

You can also find clusterin in bladder, breast, colorectal, kidney, ovarion and pancreas cancers. It is likely that OGX-ou will be looked at to prolong the lives of other terminal cancer patients.