Products and Completed Operations

Products and completed operations give you commercial insurance coverage against damage or injury to others caused by the products that you manufacture or the services that you provide.

A products loss would be when you purchase a new refrigerator from an appliance center. You take it home and set it up. The refrigerator stops making automatic ice cubes and instead sends water out, damaging your hardwood floors.

The appliance center sends out a repairman who works for "We fix everything". When moving your refrigerator the repairman damages the kitchen wall. This is covered under operations.

Things get worse. A week after completing the repair to the refrigerator you suffer spoilage to all your food when the cooling coils overheat because the repair was not performed correctly. Since the original repairs were completed this is a completed operations loss.

It is not often that this chain of events would occur but if and when it did then having the correct insurance in place is very important. Check what you have. Ask questions and control your insurance.