Points Against My Driving License, Does It Affect My Insurance Rates?

Yes it can. A single minor ticket should not affect rates with most companies unless you have a superior discount based on 100% ticket-free record. If your single ticket is major or criminal code such as impaired driving, dangerous driving, these major offenses would significantly increase premium for PLPD and Collsion.

Certain situations will result in your insurance being refused and you have to be placed under the high risk market. An accumulation of minor offenses will also have some effect on pricing of insurance.

When you apply for insurance you have to disclose your tickets. If you are not sure then it is best to guess. When an application is processed the underwriter will see an abstract with all your tickets so it is best to be open with the agent or broker.

Commercial automobile insurance may hold a driver to a higher standard for acceptability. There can also be a requirement that the vehicle have it's own carrier profile - a listing of all tickets or warnings that have occurred during the operation of that unit. So even if a ticket did not appear on the abstract it could still appear on this carrier profile report.

An underwriter may require that a driver carrying hazardous goods or traveling into the USA be ticket free. Tickets are expensive - and even more so if they affect your ability to get or keep your job!

Talk to your insurance agent or broker about your particular situation.