Plug in cars for 2012?

Meep meep will not be a little green frog…

Toyota Motor Corportion will offer a plug-in version of its Prius by 2012. It will be positioned to be the cheapest green car of its kind.

Toyota plans to add six hybrid vehicles to its lineup by 2012. This will give Toyota a total of 20 models that use batteries and regenerative braking to extend fuel economy.

For about $28,000 you could have a Prius that could be recharged at home to run on battery power for the first 13 miles.

If you look at what is currently available the Chevrolet Volt, which has a battery-powered range of 40 miles, is selling for $41,000. The Nissan all-electric Leaf has a driving range of 100 miles. It has a U.S. retail price of $32,780.

What a boost to the environment and we are finally seeing technology being used in a healthy and progressive manner.