PLPD is public liability for bodily injury or property damage in reference to automobile insurance. This can be referred to as Section A of the policy. If you hurt someone with your vehicle or damage their property with your vehicle then your PLPD will respond.

This is a mandatory coverage. You cannot operate your vehicle without some PLPD coverage which can range from $200,000 on up.

Your pink card is proof of your coverage. It is important to always have your proof with you when operating your vehicle.

The provinces and territories have different rules on the limits for PLPD.

Unless you have commercial insurance the deductible does not apply on a PLPD claim. The deductible is how you share in the loss to your property. A PLPD loss is not your property but the property of another.

Below you will find a list of the regulatory bodies for insurance in Canada. When you connect with one of these links you will find information for your particular province or territory. You may have to click on another link within the site to gain the actual insurance information as the site could be the regulatory body home page.