Plastic childrens products recall

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Plastic additives are often found in children's toys and other children's products. There is a group of toxic chemicals that will be targeted that makes the vinyl soft and pliable. This family of chemicals, called phthalates can cause reproductive harm.

Health Canada announced January 18 2011 that these chemicals will no longer be allowed in toys for children under the age of four years-old. These will include squeeze toys, tub and bath toys, inflatable toys, vinyl bibs, rattles and teething toys.

There will also be a restriction on three of the six phthalates known as DEEP, BBP and DBP which will be restricted in all children's toys and child-care items, even if these toys have been designed for children over four years of age.

The concern is the amount of phthalates that leach out of the soft vinyl and over a period of time migrate into the body and cause harm to the reproductive system.

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