Planning an adult party with liquor

It is usual to serve liquor when you have an adult party. Unfortunately we know that accidents can and do happen, especially when liquor flows. So here are a few tips to help you reduce your risk of ending up in court!

As they say in the army, proper planning prevents pi** poor performance! Think about your guest list. Is there anyone on that list that has a problem with controlling his alcohol consumption? Perhaps you can assign a trusted person to make sure that this particular guest has transportation home and watches over him for misbehaviours.

If your are planning a larger event such as a New Year's Eve party then you might consider hiring some trained servers. Considering that it is a larger occasion now you do need to do more planning then a small drop-in house party.

Think about the activities that you are planning for this event. A scavenger hunt that could involve driving about in vehicles should not start out with a round of drinks. If you were including snowmobiling, hiking, skiing or some other outdoor sport in your activities then holding off on the liquor could be a wise move. You do not want someone getting lost in the great outdoors.

Think about your decor. Make sure that areas are well lit and railings are solid. When a person has had a bit to drink, it is easy to stumble or lose balance and this can result in a fall.

How are you going to get your guests home safely? During Christmas Operation Red Nose operates in quite a few cities. Designated drivers and overnight accommodation are all possibilities.

You may consider purchasing a liquor liability policy in addition to your existing home insurance. Talk to your agent or broker about this added coverage and the cost. It may be the answer if you have concerns about not being able to control the situation.