Are you suing somebody? Then you are the plaintiff. So you would be the person who is injured or has suffered from another person or company's negligence.

You may not even appear in the courtroom. The lawyers for the defendant (the person who injured you) represent that person's insurance company. The lawyers that represent you can also be representing your insurance company.

Be aware that most court cases never make it to the courtroom. The lawyers do a "show and tell" that is called Discovery. After that will follow motions about presenting evidence. Usually this is followed by arbitration. Your lawyers and their lawyers will discuss what is likely to happen if the case goes all the way to trial and try to find a compromise.

Ask questions if you are not sure of what is going on. Your agent or broker cannot get very involved once a case has gone to trial as it has stepped over and above the role of an agent or broker. Your adjuster should be a good source of information but again may be limited once the court process starts. Take what control you can but at this point you are pushed back once the lawyers take your case in hand.