PEI and winter accidents

A 2009 government study of winter traffic accidents in Prince Edward Island recently found that only 6% of the involved vehicles had winter tires.

The implication is that the use of winter tires is minimizing the risk of a car crash. At this point there is not a movement towards mandated winter tire use. The "Peaceful Island" is known for the sensibility of it's drivers who tend to slow down when the roads are bad. So the PEI Transport Minister, Ron MacKinley is recommending the use of winter tires but not ordering to make it so.

The results of the study show PEI police recorded tire details for some 1,500 accidents between Nov. 1, 2008 and Apr. 20, 2009. The 6% were 92 cases where winter tires were used by at least one of the vehicles. The study failed to note weather or traffic conditions or other causal details.