PEI crime prevention funded

PEI youth get funding
The Canadian government has set up some new funding to help young people make the right choices. The program is for developing life skills for youth.

What a great idea! If we invest in our young people then society as a whole will benefit. What could we do better than to help teach our youth to think and choose carefully. This knowledge will empower them for their future.

How much is it and how will it work?
The Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety announced over $1.5 million is being granted for crime prevention funding. This money will be used for three projects. The Adventure Group, the Aboriginal Women's Association of Prince Edward Island and the John Howard Society of Prince Edward Island are the recipients of the federal support. the at-risk children, youth and young adults in the communities will benefit from the projects with alternatives being given to them versus life of crime. This project will help them to overcome their difficult circumstances and to avoid negative influences.

Insurance answer
It really is a simple equation. Less crime equals less claims. Fewer stolen cars, break-ins to homes and business mean that society as a whole is safer. A productive, healthy member of society contributes to the overall good. Rather then ending up in jail and being a drain on the public purse they buy a home and pay taxes. The successful young person becomes a businessman who employs others.

When a young person buys their first vehicle they start making some serious choices. What type of coverage will they buy? What type of driver is behind that wheel? Will the choices made be carefully though out with regards to consequences or will it be left to chance or mischance? Parent's teaching their children how to be good drivers and citizens is always the first step. If that step is missed then this type of program can help to fill that gap.