PEI after Big Tobacco

The Peaceful Island is going up against Big Tobacco. There has been a bill introduced in Prince Edward Island's (PEI) legislature, to allow the the province to sue the tobacco companies for health-care costs related to tobacco use.

The province will have two years, to bring action against the promoters and manufacturers of tobacco products. The damages can go as far back as can be documented, as there is no time limit. So a person who has developed lung cancer from smoking, could have started 10 years ago. A waitress who has developed lung cancer from second-hand smoke, may never have smoker.

The act will not be proclaimed until a final decision is made, on whether or not the province will proceed. PEI will likely follow in the footsteps of Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and British Columbia. These provinces have passed similar legislation.

The costs of treating smokers for lung-related diseases, is a big drain on the health care system in Canada. This legislation is one way of recovering some of the costs.