Pedicures can be perilous

Pedicure injury taken to court and declined

Pedicures are more common during the summer months. Women like to have pretty feet when they are wearing their sandals or open-toed shoes.

When a woman goes for a pedicure part of the process is to have a foot soak. This softens up the cuticles around the foot nail bed and also helps to clean the feet. It is common to have a foot soak after the initial nail trimming and shaping has been done.

A claim was made by a woman who said that she developed an infection directly after having a pedicure done by her local esthetician. The woman felt this must have occurred from the foot soak.

The infection spread and the woman suffered disfigurement and time off of work. It sounds logical that it could have occurred at the beauty shop. The courts found that the infection could have started at home and that there was nothing to concretely tie the pedicure and the infection together. The claim was denied.

It is a warning that fresh soaks in sterile containers should be the standard in the beauty shop. You certainly have the right to inquire about the procedures used at your shop. You are paying for the service. One should not feel at risk especially when it has been determined by the courts that you will have little recourse if something negative does develop afterwards.