Paramedical Examination

Paramedical examination is a physical examination of an applicant by a trained person who is not a physician.

If you apply for life insurance then you can be required to have a paramedical examination. Usually this is not required for smaller amounts but it is up to the individual life insurance company at what age they draw the line or for what amount of life insurance that you are purchasing.

You do not have to pay for the examination and it can be done either at your home or workplace. We all feel a little trepidation at having our bodies examined and our blood and/or urine tested. We have provided a bit of a breakdown of what to expect and how you should prepare for such an exam.

1-2-3 how to prepare for a life insurance medical exam

Do understand that you may not necessarily be denied full life insurance if you have a medical condition. You may have an increased cost on a portion of the insurance if your health is not at your usual peak.

If you do not qualify for full life insurance there is always some insurance available such as Accidental Death that does provide some coverage.

Talk to your insurance advisor. Just because there is a problem today it does not mean that you cannot take steps to change. A smoker gets much better rates one year after quitting all tobacco products. Take control of your insurance.