Pair And Set

Pair and set: insurance on items that are part of a set or one-half of a pair, such as earrings. In the event of a claim, only the value of the missing portion of the set will be reimbursed. This is part of the wordings of your property policy.

Certain policies will waive this condition and have replacement earrings made as if the one earring does not exist. This type of insurance is usual to high valued homes and has higher then usual premiums.

There is a limitation of the amount that is paid for lost jewelery. Most property policies have a limit of $5,000 or $6,000. The high-valued homes policies will have higher limits. If what is lost is part of a set, for example a pair of lamps then you will see the same limitation that one part of the set still has value. You would want to discuss your options on replacement with your adjuster.

You might consider an appraisal to establish value and to be sure that your replacement is comparable to the original.