Outbreak Insurance

Outbreak insurance is to provide businesses with coverage for the financial losses associated with the business operation being suspended by a public health official. This could occur in the presence of a contagion such as SARS, Legionairre's Disease, Salmonella, E. Coli, or Avian Flu. Other concerns would be a communicable disease whereby the contagion or infection is in direct contact with human fluids, waste or some other agent. Let's not forget fungus or mould, pests or vermin or even workplace violence.

Who would consider this to be a higher hazard for their business? Businesses that could have concerns would include hospitality, offices, food services industries, retail stores, assisted care facilities, laboratories, schools, educational institutions, medical facilities and offices and independent building owners.

If your business has this type of potential exposure then you need to consider what extra expenses could be involved in such a loss. Some would include payroll, loss of income, public relations cost, cleanup and communications.

You should discuss your potential need with your agent, broker or risk manager.