Oral B exploding toothbrush claim

Ronald Fox claims that when he was brushing his teeth in June 2009 with an Oral-B electric toothbrush it "exploded or backfired". He filed a notice of claim against Proctor & Gamble on January 13, 2011.

Fox said that this incident has resulted in him suffering from a concussion, headaches and memory loss plus he was injured on his face, left eye and right hand.

The claim is based on negligence stating that the toothbrush maker should have known that the product was defective and been recalled. (Check out our listing of product recalls here.)

The claim will discuss defects in the design, manufacture or material of the product and the premise that Proctor & Gamble should have known that there was a danger to the consumer.

Proctor & Gamble has 21 days to respond to Fox's civil claim. Fox is seeking general and specific damages. The statement of claim contains allegations that will have to be proved in court.

Settlement may be reached before the court date. In the case of settlement the insurance company for Proctor & Gamble may not pay out under their policy. For insurance to pay out negligence must be established. This is usually done through the trial process. the insurance company will start the defense process even without proof of negligence established.

TurnersTips will watch for the results in this particular situation and keep you informed.