Ontario speed governors

July 1st saw the start of a requirement for speed governors to be armed on most transports and dump trucks in Ontario.

This will physically restrict big truck speeding. The electronic speed limiting devices set at 105 km/h affect approximately 350,000 solid-unit and dump trucks weighing in over 11,500 kg plus 180,000 transports.

This is not delivery vans or small trucks. This is the big units. The lower speeds will result in some fuel savings but the main reason is for safety. The insurance answer is that slower speeds should reduce claims.

Speed controls are quickly set and are not a big inconvenience to the drivers. These devices were made standard in the mid 1990s and by 2007, almost all fleets have electronic-controlled engines instead of mechanical engines.

The grace period to have these speed limiters ended July 1st. The fine for lacking a set speed limited is $400.