Ontario greens up license plates

Environmental vehicles will receive reward

Drivers in Ontario now have an option for a vehicle license plate that encourages prospective car buyers to purchase an environmentally-friendly car or truck.

This new license plate will have a white background with green lettering. A picture of a trillium will be in the middle. On-line voters chose this design out of four choices that were offered between July to October.

To get one of these plates, you must be driving a plug-in type hybrid or a battery electric vehicle. Some of the special privileges you will receive include:

  • The right to use Ontario's multi-occupancy lanes until 2015, even if there is just the driver in the vehicle.
  • The right to access recharging facilities at GO Transit and other provincially operated parking lots.
  • The use of designated parking spots at the University of Toronto. There is a new trend for private companies such as Wal-Mart, who will be providing such spots in their parking lots. These will also be available to the drivers with these special plates.

ServiceOntario and the Ministry of Transportation, are working with the plate manufacturer to develop the winning design for production, in accordance with readability and technical standards. It is hoped that the plate will be available in 2010.